Vpered Publications – Вперед (Женева) №1 (25 августа 1915)

The final installment of my series on Vpered publications: six issues of Vpered newspaper + 1 May Day issue from 1915 to 1917. This newspaper was published by Geneva section, led by Lebedev-Polianskii and with support of Lunacharskii who then lived in Switzerland. After February Revolution Vpered group merged with Interdistrict group (межрайонцы) and ceased an independent existence.

By 1915 the Paris section of Vpered more or less ceased to exist since Manuilisky left and Aleksinskii was expelled. There isn’t much written about it, so it’s just a very general statement without too many details. Aleksinsky was, of course, a ‘colorful’ character and it appears that he claimed to have been part of Vpered group when others already considered him expelled. More on that when we get to №2 of the newspaper in question.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 1.22.57 PM

The main portion of the newspaper is taken up by an editorial, a polemical article by Luncharaskii (his criticism of Plekhanov’s ‘patriotic’ position on the war) and a discussion of the crisis brought on by the war and the collapse of the Second International.

Full issue is here.

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