Vpered Publications – Вперед (Женева) №3 (21 января 1916)

The third issue of Vpered newspaper (based in Geneva) continues the theme of Zimmerwald internationalism and the founding of the New International. The issue came out between the first Zimmerwald Conference and the second Zimmerwald Conference (in Kienthal) that took place in April of 1916.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 7.23.33 AM

The main opening text is a short report on the events that followed the original Zimmerwald conference and the news about organizations that are intending on joining the new International (although it is not yet officially formed, and the new Communist International – Comintern – will not come into existence until 1919).  The main divide now is between ‘social-patriots’ and ‘internationalists’ – and here Vpered group is closer to Lenin and his group rather than, say, Mensheviks:

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 7.45.30 AM

The majority of the issue is again written by Lebedev-Polianski and Lunacharsky. The first wrote a more or less programmatic text – The Current Task (On Organizational Question) – the second, an essay on Unity and Schism – a discussion of various tendencies to unity different socialist groups or a tendency to splits off (Lenin is criticized as a master of splits/schisms, his drive to divide is ‘psychopathological’ etc).

The entire issue is here.

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