Alexander Bogdanov Library (Historical Materialism Series at Brill)

The Historical Materialism Book Series at Brill has initiated a project to publish ten volumes of English translations of the major theoretical and polemical works of the Russian Social-Democrat, Alexander Bogdanov (Alexander A. Malinovsky, 1873-1928). Continue reading


Gor’kij-Bogdanov e la scuola di Capri

Gor’kij-Bogdanov e la scuola di Capri
Una corrispondenza inedita (1908-1911)
a cura di: Jutta Scherrer, Daniela Steila

COLLANA: Studi Storici Carocci (276)
ISBN: 9788843063857

Italian translations of letters between Bogdanov and Gorky from 1908-1911 published by Carocci. Russian originals will be published in Russia at some point in the future (not yet clear when).  Continue reading

New Issue of STASIS Journal (“Antiquity and Modernity of Soviet Marxism”) Is Out

 You can read the issue online here. Evgeni V. Pavlov’s essay on Plekhanov and Bogdanov in that issues is here.

Rare Bogdanov Photos

Some rare Bogdanov photos courtesy of Simona Poustilnik – see below. Continue reading

Bogdanov Library 8: Cover and Series Page

UPDATE: Volume 8 is available in print – buy here.

Bogdanov Library 8 (The Philosophy of Living Experience) has a cover and a new series page set up by Brill for all items from Bogdanov Library – see here.

2015-08-14 13_44_33-Capture

Volume Eight – The Philosophy of Living Experience – Out in November 2015

David Rowley’s translation of The Philosophy of Living Experience (Volume 8 of Alexander Bogdanov Library) is scheduled to appear later in the Fall of 2015 as Volume 111 of Historical Materialism series. Rejoice! 



Bogdanov, “What is Karl Marx?” (Molecular Red Reader)

 You can find a new translation of a short piece by Bogdanov in Molecular Red Reader (Verso) available online to accompany McKenzie Wark’s new book. Continue reading


Book Panel for “Molecular Red: Theory for the Anthropecene” by McKenzie Wark

Historical Materialism conference in New York will have a session on McKenzie Wark’s new book – Molecular Red – and will include discussion of Bogdanov:

Saturday, April 25th – Session One (10am – 12pm):


HMNY 2015 will take place at New York University, in New York City, from April 24-26th. Continue reading