New Article: John Biggart, Plekhanov as politician 1905—1912

Abstract During 1910 Lenin and Plekhanov entered into a relationship that both were at pains to avoid describing as a “fractional”, preferring instead to speak of a “rapprochement” (“sblizhenie”). Alexander Bogdanov would later allege that Lenin had been “hypnotized” by the success of Petr Arkadievich Stolypin, Chair of the Council of Ministers, who had made […]

New Article: David G. Rowley, The influence of Friedrich Engels on Alexander Bogdanov’s Basic Elements of the Historical View of Nature

Studies in East European Thought (2021) Abstract: Alexander Bogdanov’s first work of philosophy, Basic Elements of the Historical View of Nature, was fundamentally influenced by Friedrich Engels. As a Marxist philosopher seeking to elaborate a comprehensive, systematic, and scientific worldview appropriate for worker–students, Bogdanov found inspiration in Engels’s Anti-Dühring, which provided him with his monist conception of being […]

New Article: David G. Rowley,Alexander Bogdanov’s holistic world picture: a materialist mirror image of idealism

Studies in East European Thought (2020) ABSTRACT: Between 1899 and 1906, Alexander Bogdanov developed a scientific philosophy intended to substantiate the basic principle of historical materialism—the idea that existence determines consciousness—in terms of the most advanced science and empiricist epistemology/ontology of his day. At the same time, however, he strove ‘to answer the broad needs of […]


I found and scanned the original 1918 edition of Bogdanov’s collection of essays called Вопросы социализма [Problems of Socialism]. These essays are all available in the 1990 version of the book with the same title – that edition contained many more essays and can be found online as well. The original 1918 edition included only […]

New Issue of STASIS Journal (“Antiquity and Modernity of Soviet Marxism”) Is Out

You can read the entire issue online here. Evgeni V. Pavlov’s essay – “When Was Caesar Born?” Theory and Practice of Truth in Plekhanov and Bogdanov – in that issue is here. Или в русском переводе – «Когда родился Цезарь?» Теория и практика истины у Плеханова и Богданова – здесь (перевод с английского Валерии Левчук).