New Article: John Biggart, Lunacharsky at the Copenhagen Congress of the Socialist International (1910)

Abstract The Copenhagen Congress of the Socialist International of 28 August—3 September 1910 was the last Congress of the International in which the RSDRP participated as a formally united party. Though a truce had been negotiated between the warring factions at the Plenum of the Central Committee of 15 January—5 February 1910, a study of […]

 Anna Malinovskaya’s Memoirs

Anna Alexandrovna Malinovskaya, Bogdanov’s sister, was Anatoly Lunacharsky’s first wife (they were married from 1902 until 1922 when Lunacharsky met Natalya Rozenel, his second wife). Paola Cioni and Marina Arias-Vikhil published Malinovskaya’s memoirs that should be interesting for those who are studying Bogdanov. Text (in Russian) can be found here. The memoirs are from Gorky […]