A. Bogdanow ~ Allgemeine Organisationslehre: Tektologie. [Band I]

2019-02-20 17_27_33-Bogdanow - ALLGEMEINE ORGANISATIONSLEHRE ~ Tektologie - Band 1 (1926).pdf - Adob

Bogdanov’s Tektology was translated into German and appeared in two volumes (1926-1928). I have located a copy of the first volume but am still looking for the second. It would be interesting to compare the terminological choices made for some of Bogdanov’s peculiar expressions and see how they fit with the general German and Russian philosophical and scientific vocabularies.

A few reviews of the book appeared – one in German (from Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 25. Bd. (1927), pp. 18-29 by Johann Plenge whom Bogdanov mentions in his preface to the German edition) was quite substantial, one in English (from The American Journal of Sociology, 32:1 [July 1926], p. 156) did not seem to find much merit in the book – here it is in its glorious entirety:

2019-02-20 17_28_03-Allgemeine Organisationslehre Tektologie. A. Bogdanow _ American Journal of Soci

A copy of the book can be found here – warning, a large PDF. You can also see an online version here.

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