Vpered Publications – Вперед (Женева) №5 (8 июня 1916) and №6 (1 февраля 1917)

Posting these last two issues of Vpered‘s Geneva-based newspaper here without much commentary since I meant to share these before but over a year passed and I haven’t had a chance to prepare these. Issue №5 contains only two signed articles (Polyansky and Manuil’sky), the rest are reports and statements. Issue №6 has an interesting […]

New Article: David G. Rowley,Alexander Bogdanov’s holistic world picture: a materialist mirror image of idealism

Studies in East European Thought (2020) ABSTRACT: Between 1899 and 1906, Alexander Bogdanov developed a scientific philosophy intended to substantiate the basic principle of historical materialism—the idea that existence determines consciousness—in terms of the most advanced science and empiricist epistemology/ontology of his day. At the same time, however, he strove ‘to answer the broad needs of […]

New Article: Maja Soboleva, Ontologism in the Theoretical Philosophy of Nikolai Bukharin 

Soboleva, M. Ontologism in the Theoretical Philosophy of Nikolai Bukharin. Stud East Eur Thought (2020). LINK https://doi.org/10.1007/s11212-020-09365-3 Abstract This paper focuses on the theoretical philosophy of Bukharin as developed in his book Filosofskie arabeski (Philosophical Arabesques). I analyze three concepts—perception, being, and dialectics—and show that and how they deviate from the meaning that they commonly have among other Russian […]

New Article: John Biggart, The Shmit Bequest

A new article (part of Biggart’s larger on-going study of Bolshevik finances) appeared last year and could be of interest to those who study the same period: СПОРНОЕ ДЕЛО О НАСЛЕДСТВЕ НИКОЛАЯ ПАВЛОВИЧА ШМИТА Экономическая политика. 2019. Т. 14. № 6. С. 136–171 Аннотация Статья является частью исследования, посвященного финансам большевистской фракции РСДРП в период […]