Bogdanov Library – Volume Three (Toward a New World: Articles and Essays, 1899–1906) – Forthcoming

David Rowley has completed the translation for the third volume of Bogdanov Library and received the manuscript from Historical Materialism’s copy-editor. Hopefully it will be published soon after he goes through edits and submits the final version. Below is the Table of Contents:


Translator’s Introduction

Part One: On the Psychology of Society                        

            From the author

            1. In the Field of View

            2. What is Idealism?

            3. The Development of Life in Nature and in Society

            4. Authoritarian Thinking

            5. A New Middle Ages: On Problems of Idealism

            6. A New Middle Ages: On the Benefits of Knowledge

            7. A New Middle Ages: Echoes of the Past

            8. A New Middle Ages: A Philosophical Nightmare

            9. Revolution and Philosophy

Part Two: New World

            From the Author

            10. The Integration of Humankind

            11. Norms and Goals of Life

            12. The Accursed Questions of Philosophy

Part Three: Studies in the Realist Worldview

            Introduction to the First Edition

            Introduction to the Second Edition

            13. Exchange and Technology (1904)

            14. Legal Society and Labour Society (1904)


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