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New Book: James White, Red Hamlet: The Life and Ideas of Alexander Bogdanov

Red Hamlet: The Life and Ideas of Alexander Bogdanov
Historical Materialism Book Series, Volume: 172
Author: James White

From the publisher: “In this first full-length biography of Alexander Bogdanov, James D. White traces the intellectual development of this key socialist thinker, situating his ideas in the context of the Russian revolutionary movement. He examines the part Bogdanov played in the origins of Bolshevism, his role in the revolutions of 1905 and 1917 and his conflict with Lenin, which lasted into Soviet times. The book examines in some detail Bogdanov’s intellectual legacy, which, though deliberately obscured and distorted by his adversaries, was considerable and is of lasting significance. Bogdanov was an original and influential interpreter of Marx. He had a mastery of many spheres of knowledge, this expertise being employed in writing his chief theoretical work Tectology, which anticipates modern systems theory.”


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Gor’kij-Bogdanov e la scuola di Capri

Gor’kij-Bogdanov e la scuola di Capri
Una corrispondenza inedita (1908-1911)
a cura di: Jutta Scherrer, Daniela Steila

COLLANA: Studi Storici Carocci (276)
ISBN: 9788843063857

Italian translations of letters between Bogdanov and Gorky from 1908-1911 published by Carocci. Russian originals will be published in Russia at some point in the future (not yet clear when).  Continue reading

New Issue of STASIS Journal (“Antiquity and Modernity of Soviet Marxism”) Is Out

 You can read the issue online here. Evgeni V. Pavlov’s essay on Plekhanov and Bogdanov in that issues is here.

Bogdanov’s The Science of Social Consciousness Available in Russian (Scanned PDF)

A high quality scan available here – this book will be translated into English as Volume 6 of Bogdanov Library.

More sources in Russian here.