Socialists-Revolutionaries and ‘The Crisis of Bolshevism’ (1909)

Ленинский Сборник [Lenin Miscellany] – Volume 25 – contains Lenin’s ‘comments’ on two articles from 1909 from The Banner of Labor [Знамя труда], a Paris-based Socialist-Revolutionary journal: one is a text by Shishko, a prominent SR intellectual, called ‘The Crisis of Bolshevism’; another – a text by someone under a pseudonym ‘Nikolai Garri’ [Николай Гарри] who, we are told by the editors of The Banner of Labor, previously participated in the work of Proletarii, a Bolshevik newspaper run by the Bolshevik Center.  The texts, as they appear in Lenin Miscellany, are not given in full and there are no comments on these documents – who wrote them, when and why – only Lenin’s various marks:

2019-01-27 13_19_42-ls25.pdf - adobe acrobat pro

  • First text is from The Banner of Labor‘s December 1909 (№23-24) issue and can be now consulted here.
  • Second text from the same issue is now here.

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