New Article: Maja Soboleva, Ontologism in the Theoretical Philosophy of Nikolai Bukharin 

Soboleva, M. Ontologism in the Theoretical Philosophy of Nikolai Bukharin. Stud East Eur Thought (2020). LINK Abstract This paper focuses on the theoretical philosophy of Bukharin as developed in his book Filosofskie arabeski (Philosophical Arabesques). I analyze three concepts—perception, being, and dialectics—and show that and how they deviate from the meaning that they commonly have among other Russian […]

New Article: John Biggart, The Shmit Bequest

A new article (part of Biggart’s larger on-going study of Bolshevik finances) appeared last year and could be of interest to those who study the same period: СПОРНОЕ ДЕЛО О НАСЛЕДСТВЕ НИКОЛАЯ ПАВЛОВИЧА ШМИТА Экономическая политика. 2019. Т. 14. № 6. С. 136–171 Аннотация Статья является частью исследования, посвященного финансам большевистской фракции РСДРП в период […]

Book review that (sort of) ended Bogdanov’s participation in Vpered group (1911)

The full history of Vpered group is yet to be written. A ‘traditional’ (Leninist) account is based on Lenin’s interpretation of the split between his supporters and ‘left Bolsheviks’ in the summer of 1909. One can see this interpretation in the very phraseology of Bolsheviks versus Vperedists. Soviet historiography tended to see Lenin’s struggle against […]