New Article: John Biggart, The politics of Alexander Bogdanov in 1917 

The politics of Alexander Bogdanov in 1917

This paper was first delivered to the conference Economics and Revolution: Economists on the Russian Revolutions of 1917 held on 30 November 2017 in the School of Public Policy, Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow. It will be published in Russian in A.A. Belykh (Ed.), Ekonomisty o revolyutsii 1917 (Мoscow: Delo, 2020). This English-language edition is an updated version of the sections of the conference paper that dealt with Bogdanov’s political programme. I am grateful to John Gonzalez, Francis King, David G. Rowley and James D. White for their scrutiny of this edition.

For more research/articles from John Biggart, please visit his page HERE.

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