Book review that (sort of) ended Bogdanov’s participation in Vpered group (1911)

The full history of Vpered group is yet to be written. A ‘traditional’ (Leninist) account is based on Lenin’s interpretation of the split between his supporters and ‘left Bolsheviks’ in the summer of 1909. One can see this interpretation in the very phraseology of Bolsheviks versus Vperedists. Soviet historiography tended to see Lenin’s struggle against […]

The Stofflichkeit of the Universe

I’d like to recommend this essay – The Stofflichkeit of the Universe: Alexander Bogdanov and the Soviet Avant-Garde – from e-flux journal written by Maria Chehonadskih. It is an original discussion not only of the Soviet avant-grade but, most interestingly, also of Bogdanov’s empiriomonist ideas – these are made relevant to contemporary conversations and presented in […]

Socialists-Revolutionaries and ‘The Crisis of Bolshevism’ (1909)

Ленинский Сборник [Lenin Miscellany] – Volume 25 – contains Lenin’s ‘comments’ on two articles from 1909 from The Banner of Labor [Знамя труда], a Paris-based Socialist-Revolutionary journal: one is a text by Shishko, a prominent SR intellectual, called ‘The Crisis of Bolshevism’; another – a text by someone under a pseudonym ‘Nikolai Garri’ [Николай Гарри] […]