I found and scanned the original 1918 edition of Bogdanov’s collection of essays called Вопросы социализма [Problems of Socialism]. These essays are all available in the 1990 version of the book with the same title – that edition contained many more essays and can be found online as well. The original 1918 edition included only […]

Vpered Publications – Вперед (Женева) №2 (20 октября 1915)

The second issue of Vpered newspaper (published by the group in Geneva) is dedicated to the discussion of The Zimmerwald Conference that took place in September of 1915. The long editorial declares the group’s alliance with internationalism (against various national-patriotic arguments that socialists must align with their respective governments). There is no need to recall […]

Vpered Publications – Вперед (Женева) №1 (25 августа 1915)

The final installment of my series on Vpered publications: six issues of Vpered newspaper + 1 May Day issue from 1915 to 1917. This newspaper was published by Geneva section, led by Lebedev-Polianskii and with support of Lunacharskii who then lived in Switzerland. After February Revolution Vpered group merged with Interdistrict group (межрайонцы) and ceased an […]